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Join Breakfast of Champions

We are a group of professionals that want to grow their business and professional network in a fun and laid back environment without the hefty fees or restrictions of other groups such as BNI.


Member fees of $225 every six months ($450/year) cover breakfast, our organizational fees and expenses associated with our volunteer work (sometimes drinks for happy hour).

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Without fun, the networking and serving would be work. We build strong friendships by having fun with each other. This leads to close friendships and more referrals. It's easy to refer business to friends. 

Community Service


One of our missions is to give back to our community. We provide support and our time each quarter to a nonprofit orgainzation. As a group we buid, fix, clean, paint, and serve different orgainzations each quarter. 

Join BOC, a professional business-based referral networking group. We can help grow your business and improve your game.  Join like-minded business associates and see how we can help each other.
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