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Breakfast of Champions was formed in 2009 as a means to build a diverse network of professionals from the Cedar Rapids area that can provide quality business referrals to each other. Since our inception, members have greatly benefited from the connections they have made as members. At the same time, we also have FUN!

We have designed our group so that not only our members benefit, but our community benefits as well. Whether it’s collecting cans of food for the food bank or visiting our local homeless shelters, each member has an opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Breakfast of Champions Mission Statement

Developing quality, long lasting professional relationships, while promoting and supporting community engagement efforts.

Breakfast of Champions Vision Statement
To have a dynamic group of professionals that are using the resources of Breakfast of Champions to make a difference in the Cedar Rapids area.

Breakfast of Champions Core Convictions
HonestyI maintain honesty in every situation and with every individual.

Integrity- I pursue each client's needs with a deep commitment and always place their needs above my own.

Service- I will bring more to Breakfast of Champions group and my community than I expect to receive.

Humility- I will remain humble in all interactions.

Learner- I will continue to advance my chosen profession to become a larger asset to my Breakfast of Champions group and to my community at large.

Fun- I will strive to have fun in all things I do.

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